WITH THE  96-GALLON RECYCLING CART: You can now mix all of your recyclables and no sorting is required.  Just toss all your recyclables loosely in your wheeled cart and roll it to the roadside on collection day.  Be sure to place your garbage and recycling carts roadside, on opposite sides of the driveway, beginning at 7 a.m. and at least 3 feet between your cart and any other objects. NO PLASTIC BAGS ALLOWED.

ITEMS ACCEPTED FOR PICKUP INCLUDE:  Metal and aluminum bottles/cans, all household plastic, bottles and containers, cardboard, newspaper, magazines and junk mail, glass bottles and jars.

NEW ITEMS ACCEPTED INCLUDE:   Cartons (milk, juice, cream, broth, soup, etc.).  Produce, Bakery and Deli Containers (berry, donut, salad, dips, etc.)  Plastic Diary Containers (yogurt, margarine, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.)

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS:   No herbicide, pesticide, oil or antifreeze containers, no plastic bags, plastic film or shrink wrap, no plate glass or mirrors, no 5 gallon pails, no paint cans, no Styrofoam containers, no fluorescent bulbs, no paper with food or grease, no tissue paper or gift wrap, no aluminum pans or foil and no batteries.

BULKY TRASH ITEMS:  Can be disposed of by making special pick up appointments with Advanced Disposal Services or the Town of Stockbridge Large Item Garbage Drop-off at the Town of Stockbridge Garage held on the first Saturday in May and the first Saturday in October from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


All trash will be picked up on alternate Thursdays (Friday following a holiday). Recycling will be picked up the LAST trash pickup of the month.

Thursday - - North of County E
Thursday -- County E and South
January3, 16 , 30January9, 23
February13, 27February6, 20
March12, 26March5, 19
April9, 23April2, 16, 30
May7, 21May14, 29
June4, 18June11, 25
July2, 16, 30July9, 23
August13, 27August6, 20
September11, 24September3, 17
October8, 22October1, 15, 29
November5, 19November12, 27
December3, 17, 31December10, 24

RECYCLING will be picked up the LAST trash pickup of the month!



  • May 2, 2020 AND OCTOBER 3, 2020
  • 9:00 A.M.–1:00 P.M.

Advanced Disposal Services 1-920-849-9544




SATURDAY, May 2 , 2020 and October 3, 2020
FROM 9:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.

 The Town of Stockbridge will be providing a large item DROP OFF SITE at the Stockbridge Town Garage, located at N4331 Hwy. 55, Chilton to TOWN OF STOCKBRIDGE RESIDENTS ONLY (SIGN IN AND PROOF OF RESIDENCE REQUIRED) for heavy refuse items, on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



  • Items such as couches, chairs, tables, lamps, sinks, toilets or any other household furniture.
  • Carpeting, rugs, pads from carpeting.
  • Bedsprings, mattresses, bed frames, swing sets and wash line poles (with concrete removed from poles, bicycles and parts.
  • Freon free appliances—i.e. washers, dryers, stoves, microwaves, water heaters and water softeners.  Refrigerators, freezers and dehumidifiers that have been tagged by a licensed professional as Freon free will be accepted.
  • Any NON-HAZARDOUS household refuse that is bagged or bundled.


  • NO refrigerators, freezers or dehumidifiers which have not been tagged by a licensed professional as Freon free.
  • NO gasoline powered engines.
  • NO construction and remodeling debris (such as plaster, shingles, siding).  These items require a dumpster.
  • NO yard waste, fluorescent light bulbs and household hazardous materials (chemicals, paints, spray cans).
  • NO tires.
  • NO electronics—i.e. T.Vs, computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, FAX machines, VCR and  DVD players, cameras and cell phones.

Any questions may be directed to Advanced Disposal Services at 1-920-849-9544 or Stockbridge Town Clerk, Steven Phipps at 920-418-5709.

Hazardous Waste and Electronics Disposal

Advanced Disposal Landfill, Calumet County, and local governments have coordinated to offer local drop off options for the safe disposal of hazardous wastes and recycling of used electronics.

Hazardous Waste Disposal: Dates, times, and locations for hazardous waste drop off programs being held throughout the county can be found by clicking on the link below:


Electronics Recycling Events: Dates, times, and locations for electronics drop off programs being held throughout the county can be found by clicking on the link below:


Disposal of Difficult Wastes, Made Simple

Computers and televisions break or become unwanted.  So do fluorescent light bulbs, microwave ovens, dehumidifiers, and a number of other items that shouldn’t be thrown in the trash.  Help protect the county’s water resources, and think twice before you toss these items.  Finding an environmentally safe disposal option for these and other hard-to-manage items doesn’t have to be complicated if you know where to look.  One good place to start is where lists of recycling options for each of the following items are included.

Appliances can often be recycled by a scrap metal recycler.  However, there may be a fee for this service.  Appliances that contain CFC’s and freon, such as dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and refrigerators, will require special handling to make sure the refrigerants are not released to the atmosphere.  Green Tech of Wisconsin and Outagamie County Solid Waste Department are two outlets for these items.

Electronics such as televisions and computers are banned from landfill disposal according to Wisconsin law.  Free and low-cost year-round options for recycling these items include Best Buy retail locations, Green Tech of Wisconsin, and Outagamie County Solid Waste.  Calumet County hosts a temporary low-cost option in the spring, typically in conjunction with the hazardous waste Clean Sweep events.

Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, and should be properly disposed for recycling.  Most times, disposal of the compact, curly, bulbs is free; there is usually a nominal fee to recycle the tube fluorescent bulbs.  Common outlets are Home Depot, Batteries Plus, and Bulbs Plus stores.  Some local True Value and Ace Hardware stores will also accept them.  There will be a cost for disposal of tube fluorescent light bulbs.  Check the website for disposal options.

Hazardous wastes from home, farm and business:  Calumet County hosts temporary Clean Sweep collection events for hazardous wastes.   Collection sites will be offered for hazardous waste disposal for all county residents, farms, and businesses.  Check the website for details.

Leftover medications:  Calumet County residents can safely dispose of leftover medications at permanent drop off boxes located at the Appleton Police Department, Brillion Police Department, or the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department.  Access to the boxes is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Composting:  Composting is a natural process in which organic materials decompose into a humus-like material that can be used as a natural soil enhancement. There are a number of methods for producing finished compost at home, including composting in a backyard compost bin and using red worms to eat food wastes. For more information, a good place to start learning is to check out the link for DNR’s website, which contains a number of resources.

Home Composting